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What is WeaveDB?

WeaveDB is a NoSQL database powered by Warp Contracts (SmartWeave) on the Arweave blockchain.

The query APIs are similar to Firestore from Google but completely decentralized.

  • Data is stored on the Arweave permanent storage where anyone can access without permission.
  • User authentication is done by pure cryptography using crypto wallets such as MetaMask and ArConnect.
  • SmartWeave makes it possible to apply complex computation to stored data for web-centric large-scale dapps just like web2 apps.

Crypto Account Authentication

Database access is permissionless and authentication is done with pure cryptography, which authorizes EVM-based accounts with EIP-712 signatures on SmartWeave contracts.

Other types of crypto accounts will be supported in the future such as Arweave and Polkadot.

Quick Start

You can follow this quick start guide to dive into WeaveDB.

Demo Dapps

The the latest contract can be found here.

The Wall 2 on DEFINITY

A v0.5 demo dapp (The Wall 2) is deployed at

Todo Manager

A v0.2 demo dapp (Todo Manager) is deployed at

Mirror Social Bookmarking

A v0.2 demo dapp (Social Bookmarking) is deployed at


WeaveDB is still in its infancy. Everything is subject to change.